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Reason #8

Negotiating Ability - Because of our position as professionals, Buyers are willing to discuss the pros and cons of your property regarding their desires and financial capability. When you list with us, we don’t let an interested Buyer walk away at the first, second, or even third, “No”!

Is staging my home very important when I want to sell?

Home staging is simply a professional process of “getting your house ready to sell on the real estate market and to be shown to buyers”.  It begins with cleaning, de-cluttering, and shining up your home and sometimes that’s all you need!  It can also become as detailed as actually bringing in new or borrowed furniture and accessories, designed to showcase your home to buyers.


What is "Agency Relationship"?


Agency Relationship is defined as “where the client is represented by the agent and the agent acts on the clients behalf.”

A client is someone who is represented in writing by an agent.  A customer is an unrepresented party. 


How low interest rates can affect you.

Did you know that lower interest rates can equate to a larger house?


Yes, they can!  You hear all the time about how it’s a great time to buy because interest rates are at all time lows. 

4 reasons to List with us!

Want to sell your home soon; 4 reasons to list with us now!

Spring has always been a great time to list and sell your house.  So why is now an even better time?

Two reasons why you need an agent who cooperates to sell your real estate.

This is a second running of a previous article.  I have included it again because of the importance cooperation holds in today’s real estate process.


Cooperation starts with your agent.  Be sure to find one that cooperates with other local agents so your house’s information can be accessed by buyers no matter who they call.  The following are the 2 most important reasons for using an agent who cooperates:


How do you decorate your home for the holidays when it is for sale?

Here are 4 staging tips that can help encourage buyers to see your home as their own.

5 Tips to getting your house ready to sell before winter.

  1. Look over your foundation to check for cracks or leaks.  Keeping moisture and pests out is very important!
  2. Repair steps and stairways to tighten any loose areas that might cause falls or injuries.  Bad steps or railings can be a deal breaker for buyers.
  3. Take a good look at window

When I list my house for sale, who takes care of it when I move away?

It is the responsibility of the seller to take care of the property up to and including the day of closing.  That being said, your listing agent can be a huge help in this area, simply by keeping a close eye on the property and updating the seller during regular conversations.  For example, if the listing agent is aware that a storm has occurred, the agent can notify the seller.  This gives the seller a chance to inspect the property to determine if

What is a MLS?

MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service.  This is an organization of member firms who agree to share their listings with one another.  They do this to increase the visibility for their listed properties and secure a buyer more quickly than they could individually.


"Client or Customer", Do you know what these terms mean?

In real estate these terms are not interchangeable.  They have very different meanings.  So it is quite important that whether you are the buyer or the seller, you are familiar with these terms.