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Reason #4

Tax Implications - Our expertise will help you evaluate whether you should sell for cash, under seller-financed deed of trust, or consider a tax deferred exchange in order to realize the maximum possible tax savings.

In real estate these terms are not interchangeable.  They have very different meanings.  So it is quite important that whether you are the buyer or the seller, you are familiar with these terms.

  1. Client: Someone who is represented by a particular agent.  This could be by written contract as a seller would be a client to the listing agent who is representing only the seller.  This could also be a buyer who has contracted with an agent to help them by being a buyer’s agent.  In this case the agent represents only the buyer.
  2. Customer: Someone who is not represented by an agent.  An example of this would be a buyer who is looking at a property that is listed with an agent.  The agent is representing only the seller and therefore the buyer (Customer) is unrepresented.

Knowing whether you are the client or the customer can change a situation dramatically.  It is in your best interests to know the difference in these terms, so you can be prepared when going into negotiations.  What are your thoughts or questions?  Email me your comments at: