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Reason #7

Professional Showings - Our experience has taught us what Buyers expect to see and what faults they will accept. When you list with the Midwest Land Company, we advise you of any corrective action needed and then show your property in the most favorable manner.

MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service.  This is an organization of member firms who agree to share their listings with one another.  They do this to increase the visibility for their listed properties and secure a buyer more quickly than they could individually.


Most MLS’s list all their properties on a 3rd party neutral website.  This allows buyers to look at one website and see all of the area properties for sale.  Also most MLS organizations have formal rules that all members must honor to ensure the fair treatment of all members and their listed properties.


The benefits of an MLS extend to both buyers and sellers.  For buyers, it is simply the ease of finding that perfect property.  For sellers, it is that homes sell more quickly because of greater exposure.  For both there is no additional cost for the MLS advantage.  We will discuss more benefits in our next column.

At Midwest Land we believe an MLS will benefit the Wayne community.  However, Wayne presently does not have a MLS.  Therefore, I would love to hear what you, the readers, have to say about an MLS.  Have you heard of an MLS?  Would you like to see one started in our community? 


I look forward to your comments on this subject.  Please feel free to call me at 402-375-3385 or email me your comments at: