Reason #8

Negotiating Ability - Because of our position as professionals, Buyers are willing to discuss the pros and cons of your property regarding their desires and financial capability. When you list with us, we don’t let an interested Buyer walk away at the first, second, or even third, “No”!

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Buyer Questions and Answers About Your Real Estate Purchase


Do you cooperate with other local agents?

  • Yes, we believe that by cooperating we give our clients and their properties more exposure and therefore providing the best service we can.  In addition, we feel all parties, sellers and buyers both have a right to be represented in a real estate transaction.  Cooperating with buyer's agents allows all parties to be represented and gives everyone a better experience.

Can I give you a personal check for the balance due at closing?

  • No, Nebraska state law requires all closing agents to accept only "good fund" such as cash, certified bank checks or wire transfer funds at closing.

What do I need to remember to do before closing?

  • Contact the utility services to arrange for service connections.
  • Obtain homeowners property and casualty insurance.
  • Contact the post office for mail delivery.

How are real estate taxes prorated?

  • If the taxes are paid in arrears, you can use last years tax bill.  Start by dividing the tax bill amount by 365 and this will give you a daily tax rate. Once you have the daily rate, you then determine how many days the seller owned the property including the day of closing.  Multiply the numbers of days by the daily rate and this gives you the estimated tax amount.


What happens at closing?

  • At closing, the transfer of ownership occurs in exchange for the purchase price.  This is the consummation of the real estate transaction.

Should I put my deed in my safe deposit box at the bank?

  • Yes or in a firesafe container.

What is title insurance?

  • Title insurance protects the policy holder from losses due to defects in a properties title. 

Now that my loan is approved, can I move in?

  • No, possession is normally only granted at closing.

Who receives the interest on my down payment?

  • No interest is earned on your down payment. Nebraska law requires that earnest and other deposits held in a real estate broker’s trust account be placed in an insured non-interest bearing bank account.