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Reason #4

Tax Implications - Our expertise will help you evaluate whether you should sell for cash, under seller-financed deed of trust, or consider a tax deferred exchange in order to realize the maximum possible tax savings.

It is the responsibility of the seller to take care of the property up to and including the day of closing.  That being said, your listing agent can be a huge help in this area, simply by keeping a close eye on the property and updating the seller during regular conversations.  For example, if the listing agent is aware that a storm has occurred, the agent can notify the seller.  This gives the seller a chance to inspect the property to determine if there has been any damage.


Also, the listing agent can be beneficial during the sale process when the seller is out of town and inspectors need access to the property.  The agent can be there to let the inspectors in and to provide key feedback to the seller, which might not otherwise be available.  These inspections and appraisals can take up quite a bit of time for sellers who have to drive a long distance to the property.


While the seller is ultimately responsible for his or her property until closing, it is nice to know that a really good listing agent can make a huge difference to a seller who finds themselves unavailable for parts of the sales process.


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