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Reason #2

Advertising - Since we handle a large number of properties, we advertise extensively over a wide geographic area. Listing your property with us ensures that your property will be given a broad exposure to a greater number of potential buyers than most owners are able to afford.

Here are 4 staging tips that can help encourage buyers to see your home as their own.

  1. Pay close attention to the curb appeal.  Make sure to clear the driveway and all sidewalks.  Keep exterior decorations minimal and the walkways well lit.  A simple wreath on the entry door and some greenery in pots will go along way towards welcoming buyers.
  2. Interior decorations should also be in moderation.  Think soft holiday reminders in the main rooms.  Use artificial garland if you use any.  Buyers can be allergic to real garland and that can result in an unpleasant reaction to your home.  Don’t overdo garland on railings as it can cause people to feel uncomfortable on the stairs.
  3. Use home baked goods as welcoming scents instead of candles whenever possible.
  4. Get yourself a reliable real estate agent who will seek out buyers and go the extra mile to sell your home for you during this time.

I understand decorations can add interest, but buyers can be easily overwhelmed.  So have lots of holiday spirit and show off your house not the decorations.  If you have questions about staging your home, please call 402-375-3385 or email me at: