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Reason #7

Professional Showings - Our experience has taught us what Buyers expect to see and what faults they will accept. When you list with the Midwest Land Company, we advise you of any corrective action needed and then show your property in the most favorable manner.

Want to sell your home soon; 4 reasons to list with us now!

Spring has always been a great time to list and sell your house.  So why is now an even better time?

1.  Interest rates have never been this low!  Even Warren Buffet is talking about the great investment a home is now.  You can literally buy a house and pay less each month than rent.

2.  The local economy is picking up.  While our community did not see the tremendous peaks and valleys of many metropolitan areas, we did see a slow down of real estate housing sales.  That is changing!  We have new businesses choosing to make Wayne their base of operations.  This brings more potential buyers to our area and strengthens the local economy.

3.  Buyers are more poised and ready to buy than they have been in a long time.  In recent years, banks have made buyers take a close look at what they need to qualify for a loan.  Buyers appear to be listening and are ready.

4.  We want your business!  We have a great incentive for this spring, designed to help you save money and while we do the work and sell your house.

If you are considering selling your home,call (402-375-3385) or email me at