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Reason #9

Financing - Our knowledge of various financial sources and their requirements, as well as alternative methods of financing, allow us to work effectively with Buyers to obtain adequate financing in the shortest possible time.

Company History:


The Midwest Land Company was formed in 1958 as a Nebraska corporation by David H. Ewing.  Currently the company is run by Dave Ewing and Marion Arneson. 


The company organization includes the following departments:

            -Farms Sales Department

            -Farm Management Department

            -Residential Sales Department


The company has a well respected reputation in the area of farm sales, home sales and auctions.


Our Mission

The mission of the company in farm sales and management is to provide professional service to farm owners in northeast Nebraska and western Iowa.


The mission of the company in residential sales is to provide professional service to home owners in the Wayne area by selling their homes, assisting them in purchasing another home, and exceeding their expectations.



What makes us different:


1.  We love to inform and educate our clients so that they understand all the transactions involved. We may not always say what you want to hear, but we will always tell you what you need to hear.


2. We put the needs of the client above our own. We enjoy working with families and have their best interests at heart!


3. We welcome buyer’s agents! It is our belief that every person should be represented in a transaction.


4. Our comprehensive 5-step plan to sell clients property.