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Reason #6

Obtaining Capable Buyers - Our experience in interviewing prospective Buyers means that when you sell through us, your property is viewed only by financially-capable Buyers.

10 Reasons to Choose Midwest Land Company:



1. Cooperation with Local Agents:

When you list your residential property with Midwest Land Company, you are guaranteed to have your property's information given to all local agents.  By having the information shared, your property has increased exposure!  This results in properties selling more quickly and more efficiently.  We continually strive to find ways to better serve our clients and customers.


2. Advertising:

Since we handle a large number of properties, we advertise extensively over a wide geographic area. Listing your property with the Midwest Land Company ensures that your property will be given a broad exposure to a greater number of potential buyers than most owners are able to afford.  We are continually approached by Buyers—both local and out-of-town—in response to our advertising. These contacts greatly expand the coverage your property will receive when you list with the Midwest Land Company.


3. Selling Price:

Everyone wants to maximize their gain when selling! Overpricing, however, can cause “Qualified Buyers” to reject a property and keep it on the market too long. In most cases, “stale” properties usually sell for less than their market value when and if they finally sell! Our experience in analyzing the market results in a sale price compatible with both the market and your selling goals when you list your property with the Midwest Land Company will be beneficial to you.


4. Tax Implications:

Our expertise will help you evaluate whether you should sell for cash, under seller-financed deed of trust, or consider a tax deferred exchange in order to realize the maximum possible tax savings.


5. A Proven Marketing Plan:

When you decide to sell your property, it will be competing against many other properties for a Buyer’s attention. When you list with Midwest Land Company, our professional selling expertise enables us to develop a marketing plan for your property that gets results! This plan considers the number, type and location of competing properties, price, term, tax situation and advertising strategy.


6. Obtaining Capable Buyers:

Think about it—would you tell your neighbor your net worth or how much you owe the bank? Most Buyers are reluctant to reveal their financial position to an owner for fear of compromising their bargaining position. Our experience in interviewing prospective Buyers means that when you sell through the Midwest Land Company, your property is viewed only by financially capable Buyers.


7. Professional Showings:

Our experience has taught us what Buyers expect to see and what faults they will accept. When you list with the Midwest Land Co., we advise you of any corrective action needed and then show your property in the most favorable manner.


8. Negotiating Ability:

Most sellers are afraid to bargain with a good prospect for fear of appearing “desperate to sell at any price”. On the other hand, many Buyers, make a “low-ball” offer or walk away from property they like rather than discuss price with the Seller. Because of our position as professionals, Buyers are willing to discuss the pros and cons of your property in regard to their desires and financial capability. When your property is listed with Midwest Land Company, we don’t let any interested Buyer walk away even after serveral offers!


9. Financing:

Our knowledge of various financial sources and their requirements, as well as alternative methods of financing, allow us to work effectively with Buyers to obtain adequate financing in the shortest possible time. Listing your property with Midwest Land Company can prevent it from being taken off the market for months while a weak buyer unsuccessfully attempts to secure a loan.


10. Sale and Follow-Through:

Our professional approach includes not only the listing, showing and securing of a buyer, but also the closing and follow up on all items such as resolving title problems, title opinions, abstracting or title insurance and surveying. Remember too, that there is no charge for any of the services of the Midwest Land Company until we secure a Buyer for your property and the sale is closed.