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Reason #6

Obtaining Capable Buyers - Our experience in interviewing prospective Buyers means that when you sell through us, your property is viewed only by financially-capable Buyers.

Farm Auctions:



We would like to have at least six weeks lead time prior to the auction in order to aggressively market and promote the property.  While it takes time to put in place, it has proven to be very effective.


The program includes:

  • Most importantly, personal contact.
  • Placing “For Sale” signs on the property.
  • Preparation of a data sheet detailing the farm property.  These data sheets are distributed to our mailing list of known land buyers, investors, neighboring farmers and absentee land owners surrounding each farm.
  • Preparation of an auction flyer featuring the property.  This flyer is distributed to our extensive mailing list of ag and other businesses throughout the region.
  • Advertising repetitively in local and regional newspapers.

We personally contact known prospective buyers and investors to make sure that they’re aware of the upcoming sale.

  • The auction would be held at a convenient local site to ensure access to the sale for both local bidders and investors regardless of weather..