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Reason #8

Negotiating Ability - Because of our position as professionals, Buyers are willing to discuss the pros and cons of your property regarding their desires and financial capability. When you list with us, we don’t let an interested Buyer walk away at the first, second, or even third, “No”!

Home inspections Scary or not!

The home inspector’s report scared us beyond belief; what do we do?

Local real estate market

Are houses in our area still selling?  Definely yes! Despite what you might hear about larger communities, Wayne’s housing market has not come to a halt.  In fact, we have a listing that is sale pending right now!  Granted, the number of houses sold is down slightly from a year ago, but there are 2 main reasons our community continues to move forward.

Is now a good time to put your house on the market?

Absolutely! Yes the economy has seen better days. Yes it is somewhat a buyer’s market, however now is definitely a good time to list and sell your home.

The real estate market is very strong from May through mid July.  Most people who buy, do so in this time frame. Don’t be put off by the doom and gloom news of the economy. I assure you people are buying and selling, even in this market.

When selling your house, does furniture really , matter?

First, I feel that a house always shows better if you can leave a few large pieces in place for the showing.  This allows the buyer to better visualize where they might put their “sofa” or “TV”. It also quiets a room by eliminating echoes caused by empty rooms. However, be aware that while a room with too few pieces can appear cold and uninviting, too much furniture can make a room seem small and crowded.


Negotiating offers with buyers, 4 benefits to using a real estate agent.

When you are negotiating with a buyer, your goal is to keep the negotiations going until all parties are satisfied.  Here are 4 key benefits that a real estate agent can provide.

5 Benefits to having a real estate agent help you with the selling of your home.

  1. Accurate Sales Price; Agents will take the time to research comparable properties, so you can make an informed desicion on a price that will help sell your home quickly and at a price you agree with!
  2. Detailed Marketing Plan;Your agent will also develop a plan to sell your home including professional signa

5 Tips for getting your home ready to sell this spring.

Spring is in the air and you are thinking about selling your home. Now is the time to spruce up your home and make it stand out on the market!

How do you know when to downsize to a smaller home?

For many people their home is their castle. So it is no wonder we like to stay in our homes as long as possible. But like everything else there comes a time when we need to move to a smaller home. But how do you know when is the right time?

I would like you to ask yourself the following 5 questions.

Selling your existing house; should you buy the next one, or sell the existing house first?

Your decision should be based on the current market conditions. In today’s market, buyers have a stronger position than sellers simply because of the number of properties moving. In this type of market it is more financially safe to sell your existing house before buying the next one.

Advantages of selling first: